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Automate your follow-up emails and get assured response!
Send emails with Gmail or upload lists in for personalized mailing

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Automate email follow-ups and boost response rates.

Capture more opportunities with automation. Everyone knows follow-ups are important. But most sales executives give up after the first follow-up and over 90% give up after sending four follow-up emails. Forget about giving up with our quick and easy solution that automates follow-ups. Secure productivity and efficiency gains plus win more sales with!

Send emails with Gmail or upload lists in Salescurve for personalized mailing.

Create personalized follow-up emails that can be re-used as needed.

  • Customize content for your follow-up mails.
  • Setupany number of follow-up email templates
  • Enable tracking of reads, clicks, forwards, deliveries and responses.
  • Schedule email delivery and auto-pause follow-ups.
  • Emails are sent directly from your Gmail.

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Enable Bulk Email Follow-ups

Have a mountain of follow-up emails waiting? Use our bulk follow-ups feature to upload your emails and enable delivery to recipients with a single click. Save time and effort needed for handling large volumes of follow-up emails!

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Manual follow-ups cost time and effort. Work with us and save up to six hours of your day!

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